Castello Xirumi Serravalle,
A Magnificent
Sicilian Treasure

An enchanting land overlooking an infinite green of citrus, aromatic flora and island palms, an illustrious castle from the 16th century, and a Baronessa with a vision of an elegant countryside venue for weddings and special events.

This is Castello Xirumi Serravalle, a magnificent Sicilian treasure belonging to the noble Grimaldi di Serravalle family for centuries. With origins from Liguria in the northwest of the Italian peninsula, members of the distinguished family had dispersed abroad; while some went to Monaco, others went to Malta, from which an illustrious prince and his family arrived to Sicily and established their home at Castello Xirumi Serravalle in Modica, nearby the city of Catania.

castello xirumi

The castle was originally used as a summer retreat for members of the Barons of Grimaldi family to relax and immerse in the magnificent nature, escaping heat of the nearby baroque city. Years later and throughout the summers that past, distinguished friends of the family would continue to visit the estate only to find themselves entertained on end with extravagant dinners and artistic performances in the evenings to morning promenades through the magical landscape, and restful afternoons shared by the poolside. With its multiple spaces and enchanting gardens, Castello Xirumi soon became a well-known destination for unique gatherings, weddings and celebrations.

Today, the magnificent castle remains under the guardianship of the formidable Grimaldi Baronessa of Serravalle, a warm-hearted visionary leading with passion, creativity and a gift for refined Sicilian hospitality.

The Baronessa’s enthusiasm to share her family’s heritage estate with the world has made Castello Xirumi one of the most celebrated properties in Italy for bespoke weddings, celebrations and distinguished corporate events, hosting luxury Italian fashion shows, Bugatti launches, elaborate family weddings and more over the years. To this day, Castello Xirumi bears the heart and soul of the Baronessa and her family’s legacy, hosting the most unforgettable events in the world.

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