Enjoy the Entire Noble Estate
As Your Own,
Live the Magic of
Castello Xirumi Serravalle

We invite you for the most unforgettable experience of your life.

Imagine waking up to your very own castle, listening to the songs of delighful Italian swallows, wandering amidst 200 hectares of orange and lemon groves, immersing in the aromatic blend of wild jasmine, citrus and rose, sipping your espresso while admiring noble courtyards, meditating by the sacred ficus tree, cycling around the surrounding countryside, or resting by the poolside with a private masseuse after a long day’s journey.

Indulge in an epicurean journey, prepared with love by passionate Sicilian chefs. Traditional Sicilian cuisine is renowned for its tasty origins from Greek, Spanish, French, Arab and African and Arab influences. Enjoy sunset cocktails and candlelit dinners at different venue on the property each day. Share quality time amongst your closest friends and family. Each day brings an ever-unfolding journey transcending space and time.

Castello Xirumi Serravalle generously offers their entire private estate as the perfect backdrop for the most unforgettable experience. Celebrate life in this elegant countryside estate and experience the magic of this grand historic estate.

Our dedicated staff are present to take care of your every need. Let us serve you at the pleasure of this noble family.


Private Residences,
Enjoy an Exclusive Stay
in Our Legendary Castle

A stay in one of our two carefully appointed residences offers a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience and a taste of refined Sicilian hospitality. Each with private entrances and scented by aromatic jasmine and fragrant roses, the independent residences can accommodate up to 19 guests. Both feature an elegant countryside atmosphere decorated tastefully in plush pastels, blending exquisite Italian country furnishings with unique signature collection items from the Barons of Grimaldi family. Once home to this distinguished noble family, both residences offer beautifully furnished living spaces, inspiring views of the estate and a warm invitation to slow down, rest and embrace the beauty of this iconic castle nestled in the lush Sicilian countryside. Walk the grounds, rest in one of our many living spaces, sleep in the private sanctuary of the estate.

The Guest Rooms, your own private estate

Enjoy an exclusive stay in our guest rooms offering a luxury retreat in the noble castle with accommodations for you and your closest friends and family. Accessed from the east and west wings of the large courtyard upon entering the castle, are two tastefully appointed private residences: